About Us

The bePromoting Difference!

Established in 2016, bePromoting was created to assist businesses with maximizing their every impression. Each touch point businesses have with clients is so crucial to the relationship. Whether at a trade show and meeting that client for the first time, a client appreciation gift to thank them for business, or a promotional item to expand your brand, you leave lasting impressions.

At bePromoting, is focused on four key core values:

  • Get it Fast! We understand things can be left till the final moments. We’re here to help with ensure your event, trade show, or general giveaway gets to you on time. We have thousands of products that are available to ship within 24 hours of artwork approval. 
  • Get it Right! Order accuracy every time is our goal. Each step of the process our team setups up checks and balances to sure the items ordered are exactly as requested and arrive on time.
  • Competitively Priced! Our goal is to provide top quality products to clients at competitive pricing. If you find a lower price on a product we quoted, we’ll match that price!
  • Get Creative! Our job is not complete unless we match the right products to your brand and goal. At bePromoting we’re focused on putting together ideas that will leave a lasting impression every time.


Brandon Rost


Brandon has a vision for finding the right solutions for each client he works with. With over a decade and a half career in marketing, Brandon is no stranger to promotional products. In fact, during his early career years Brandon was responsible for managing the promotional products for the Philadelphia 76ers.  “The goal was simple, create a productional giveaway that gives customers the opportunity to take home a lasting impression”. Today, Brandon is focused doing just that for customers; by creating a lasting impression, your giving your brand the opporutnity to stay top of mind long after your initial point of contact.

Brandon has an extensive background in owning businesses. From a lemonade stand and lawn moving company in his teenage years, to operating bePromoting’s sister company, beMarketing, his philosophy has always remained constant; work hard and focus on achieving your goals, with vision and direction anything can be achieved!

Brandon is keen on keeping himself busy. Outside of work, Brandon focuses on his family including his beautiful wife and partner Talia, their four children and his passion for fitness with Spartan race training at Orange Theory, Bridge the Gap Crossfit and The Gym and Tan Studio. He’ll rarely turn down attending concerts and music festivals and is a huge Philadelphia sports teams enthusiast!

Talia Rost

Founder/Business Development Visionary

Talia created bePromoting with the goal of helping close family and friend business owners out with their promotional products. Her goal was to give them a trusted, reliable solution to turn to when purchases these items.

Well, her determination and willingness to help others was contagious. As bePromoting formed, her passion to help grew more and more. Even with a full-time job and a family of six to take care of, Talia had a vision to succeed.

When she’s not creating the right idea solutions for clients, Talia is looking after her four children and loving husband! Her faith and family are at the top of her priority list and this has helped make her the person she is today!


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Our Vision

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Our Mission

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From concept to creation, bePromoting partners with each client with a passion that exhibits world-class quality and unprecedented pricing that supports the ever-changing local competitive markets. Our top priority is to support each client as they continue to make their presence known in the local business environment, and with employees.